PRO.PR 2016 – Are you ready?!

„What we learn with pleasure, we never forget“

Alfred Macier


Those who have read my blog post ‘Why do I love PR’, already know about my passion for PR profession. Now, can you imagine, how excited I am to announce the biggest PR and communications conference in Southeast Europe – PRO.PR 2016, which will be held in Budva, in Hotel Splendid, from 7th to 10th April. 21 communication experts from region and the world will share their knowledge and experience through 16 lectures and 4 workshops at the conference. I am so happy and just can’t wait for a new opportunity to upgrade my knowledge in the field which is my life. Also, this kind of event is a great chance to meet colleagues, make new contacts, increase your network, and generally to have a productive and a very great time.

PRO.PR Conference was established in 2003 with an idea about active communication among members of this dynamic profession in countries which have found themselves in a similar situation after the political changes in late 20th century. The first edition of the conference was organized in Montenegro (very proud of my country). So far, PRO.PR conference brought together more than 2,500 experts in the field of public relations and media from Southeast Europe.

The main aim of PRO.PR is to connect and unite individuals and organizations who believe that public relations are a modern way of interaction, communication and implementation of cooperation. This conference is dedicated to all professionals who are hungry for new knowledge, acquiring new skills, creative thinking, sharing experiences, creating new solutions in public relations and media.

On the occasion of the fifth anniversary of PRO PR conference, 2012, the organizational team of the conference found PRO.PR Awards – award ceremony for colleagues who have dedicated their lives to public relations, contributed to the development and positioning this profession in the region and in the world.

PRO.PR Awards 2015

Networking in motion!

Beyond all these things, PRO.PR conference is held on fascinating locations that are changing every year. So PRO.PR has never repeated the same location for the venue, or been in the same country two years in a row. So far it has been in Montenegro (Herceg Novi, Budva), Croatia (Brioni, Rab), Serbia (Belgrade, Palic) Slovenia (Slatina), Macedonia (Ohrid) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo).

Program and speakers vary from year to year, bringing to the PRs a good mix of local experts from various industries and foreign professionals from prestigious institutions and companies (IPRA, University of Miami, Hypo Bank, University of Zagreb, Dnevnik, McCann Erickson, PINK TV, European Commission, Coca Cola, the NCL Group, FC, Croatia Airlines, FIBEP etc.). Now, I hope that you can understand why the motto of the conference is “Networking in motion”.

There are really many reasons to attend this amazing conference, especially when we know that investment in knowledge among all benefits is the main initiator for the society development. Anyone who is interested, still has time to apply for PRO.PR 2016. The organizational team offers a daily registration fee for 130 euros, which includes all lectures and workshops with lunch for that day. For example, for such educational programs which PRO.PR offers, in London you should pay more than 700 pounds per day.

If you are interested to find out more about program, speakers and other informations of PRO.PR 2016, please check the official website of the conference: or facebook page

“The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill, the willingness to learn is a choice”

Brian Herbert

Let the knowledge be your choice. See you on PRO.PR 2016!


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