PARIS – Love at first sight

One October night, I was sitting in my room, chatting with one friend on viber. “Choose the destination, and I will get you there” he wrote. We were joking. But I wrote to him immediately: “Paris or New York”. Next morning, my friend Olivera called me “Jelena, I am planning Paris business trip from 13th to 16th October, would you like to join?” OF COURSE, I WOULD!!! And, that’s the way how I reach my first trip to Paris. Sometimes, when you want something so much, just say it out….Write it….You will be closer to achieve it. It is so true.

When I saw Paris from the airplane, I fell in love at the moment. Amazing lights of airport Charles De Gaulle totally impressed me.

People say “Day is recognized by morning”, in this case, I fell in love with Paris at first sight. And didn’t wrong.

Taxi driver who dropped us from airport to the hotel, was very funny Arabic guy who has known where Montenegro is (his sister was in Budva on holiday this summer). I was so proud. My Budva, my Montenegro is not anymore some unknown touristic destination in the world. After one hour driving, we reached our hotel, named Vila Alessandra.  Very kind stuff, interesting design interior,  amazing  smell of rooms. In the center of Paris. Just perfect.

This was a business trip, so I didn’t have so much time to go on typical touristic places, such as Eiffel Tower, Palais de Chaillot, Palace of Versailles, Louvre Museum, Disneyland, etc. I was catching Paris while we were doing our business meetings. Even in this way, I liked everything in this city. Spirit of history is everywhere. Sculptures, monuments, museums, beautiful parks, squares, romantic streets. For the one who knows to enjoy it is enough to walk (as I did) and feel the beauty of Paris, because it is in every corner of this stunning city.

The biggest impression for me was the view on the Eiffel Tower – symbol of Paris.  Especially at night, the view is breathtaking.

I was reading a lot about Eiffel Tower, heard a lot of stories from my friends, saw a lot of pictures on internet. But, nothing, nothing can be compared, with LIVE view on Eiffel.

You just have to see it live, and that’s the end of story. I will come to Paris again as a tourist, and the first thing I am going to do, is to visit Eiffel Tower and reach the top visitors level on it.

The Avenue des Champs-Élysées, the most famous street in Paris, is probably the most famous avenue in the world. It is just amazing and impressive. At its western end the street is bordered by cinemas, theaters, cafes and luxury shops. On the opposite end, near the Place de la Concorde, the street is bordered by the Jardins des Champs-Elysees, beautifully arranged gardens with fountains and some grand buildings including the Grand and Petit Palais at the southern side and the Elysee at its northern side. The street is full of tourists who are the most visitors of luxury shops like Louis Vuitton which is one of the most glamorous. The Champs-Elysées is used for all major celebrations in Paris. This is the street where Parisians celebrate New Year’s and other big national events. The street is also special at night with all impressive lights.

As you can see, I am constantly writing about lights impressions, and now really understand why Paris is well known as “City of light”. Someone says that this name Paris didn’t get because of lights, but because a lot of intellectuals who actually represent “the light” of Paris. If you ask me, it is because of both.

During our short business trip, Olivera took me to La Vallee Village. La Vallee Village is one of the Collection of Chic Outlet Shopping® Villages by Value Retail. Chic outlet shopping is an unique concept in outlet shopping, specialised exclusively in the development and operation of luxury outlet shopping destinations.

Home to 1 000 outlet boutiques of the world’s leading fashion and lifestyle brands, the Collection offers an unrivalled luxury outlet shopping experience. For shopaholics La Vallee Village is a real paradise. It is one hour away from center of Paris, if you use subway as we did. I really enjoyed this place, full of famous brand stores, with interesting exterior design, free wifi, cafes, stands with drinks, ice cream and cookies. In other words, you must visit this place if you love and enjoy shopping.

All these days in Paris, I  noticed, that people on the street, in restaurants, cafes,  etc., are dressed with style. Every single detail is planned, and I like it. Whole Paris smells on high fashion lifestyle, and actually fashion was the reason of our trip. My friend Olivera who organized fashion show of Roberto Cavalli and Vivienne Westwood in Budva, where I was working as PR Manager, is planning to organise fashion show of some famous French brand in Montenegro. In that order we had three business meetings. First of them was in French Federation of Fashion, second was in Karla Otto, world known PR agency for fashion brands, and the third one was with David Herman, producer at ASVOFF – International Fashion/Style/Beauty Film Festival.

All meetings were very successful. We found out that French are very specific in business, and that we should do many activites in order to convience them to come to Montenegro. For me it was very exciting professional experience. Meeting top management of Fench Fashion Federation and Karla Otto Agency is a big deal. We spoke with people who create fashion scene not only in France, but all over the world. I can just be proud.

After successful business day, Ruis, Olivera’s friend took us at Silenzio night club, where we have relaxed listening great music and drink cocktails. Again well dressed people, good atmosphere and very nice club, where you can enter only with member card. ( Ruis has it 🙂

Next day, unfortunately was our returning day. I would like if this trip lasts longer, but anyway it was really great expirience. Paris makes that you feel happy, stylish, romantic, just because you are in the city. It makes that you feel as a part of something important and beautiful. I am already planning my next travel to Paris,  but as a TOURIST :). Until that, enjoy the pictures I captured during this short stay.

P.S. I was so excited while I was writing this post about Paris, that I forgot to mention one important thing. Paris is a very expensive city, some research say, the most expensive in the world. So, if you are planning to travel, you must have a good savings. Taxi start in Paris costs 5 euros, in my Montenegro it costs 1 euro. I think that I told you everything with this comparation. 🙂 But at all, it is worth.


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