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Never miss a chance to visit Budva during the Carnival!

Summer, my favourite season, is getting closer and closer. I just can’t wait long summer days because of spending time on the beach and sea bathing. Besides that kind of enjoyment  I am also looking forward to all intereseting events which are going to happen in Budva during the summer. The first of them is the International Carnival of Budva which, for 14 years already, symbolically announces the beginning of summer season in Budva. Organizers of the Carnival are the Tourism Organization of Budva and NGO „Festadjuni“.

This year, the Carnival was held from 6th till 8th of May under the moto “Festival of open heart”.

The first night traditionally started with “Abrum”. It is an invititation of masks to locals and tourists to come to the Carnival. Accompanied by music and songs, participants of the Carnival visited the Old Town families and restaurants, who welcomed them with coastal specialties, such as rustule fritters, dragon cake, fritters, sponge cake, and fugazza.

Photo: Full Feel Budva / Viber Public Chat
Photo: Full Feel Budva / Viber Public Chat

After the Abrum, the fiesta continued on the main stage in front of the Old Town walls where famous Montenegrin DJs had their performance. A good atmosphere was also in the cafes in the Old Town Budva, with a variety of theme soirees. One of them was “Budvanska fantazija” – the actors play, which took place on the Palms Square. The first night was a really great introduction for the next day central event – the Great Carnival Parade.

Abrum night Photo: Yesmanair, #welovebudva

This year, the  guests of Budva Carnival were groups from Italy, Bolivia, Austria, Malaysia, Albania, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as groups from Kotor, Tivat, Herceg Novi, Podgorica, Tuzi and more than ten group masks from Budva. The great Carnival Parade started from the “City” Café and went towards the Old Town. Thousands of people followed the Parade and enjoyed the performance of fantastic masks.

The Great Carnival Parade Foto: Yesmanair #welovebudva


In front of the main stage, all groups had their own performance.


I liked the most musical and dance performance Mantock Brasil Samba Show, accompanied by drummer Dragoljub Djuricic. It reminded me on the world’s most popular Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. It raised the good mood of me and my sister as well as all the other people who were around.


Photo: Full Feel Budva / Viber Public Chat

That’s why, I like carnivals. Festive atmosphere, good energy, music, dancing, laughing – simply said you can not be sad or angry. Actually, you can fall in love with life again and remind yourself that there should be more moments like these in your life.

The Great Carnival Parade finished with fireworks which was spectacular like always.

Carnival Fireworks above Budva. Photo: Ivan Cucuk

Even if I saw many fireworks in my life, I was again so thrilled. I just love it!


After fireworks, the program continued with concerts on three stages. On the main stage was a concert of famous Serbian pop singer Jelena Tomasevic and the amazing “ABBA tribute band”. On the stage near “Citadela” there were concerts of rock music bands. My choice for that night was the most popular Montenegrin drummer, Dragoljub Djuricic who had his performance on the Palms Square.

Dragoljub Djuricic

There are no appropriate words to describe the skills of this great man. It was the first time for me to be on his live concert. What an energy! What a sound and a rhythm! We all were in some kind of positive trance. Everyone danced, smiled and felt very happy. An unforgetable experience, indeed!



After this performace, in a very good mood, we continued the party in Jeff Café where also was a very nice atmosphere all night long.

Jelene & Maya 🙂

The third Day of the Carnival was dedicated to kids. Someone said it was the most beautiful part of Budva Carnival. I agree. We enjoyed watching  creative masks and performances of over 30 groups of children.

Photo: Festadjuni
Photo: Festadjuni

You can imagine how they were happy and excited to discover the charms of an event like this. Congratulations to all parents who recognized that carnivals are a good way for children to develop a festive spirit and positive attitude towards life. Bravo!

Photo: Festadjuni
Photo: Ivan Cucuk

Very interesting parts of the Carnival were “Sweet Corner” and “Wine Corner” which promoted food and drink products of Budva, through tasting of wine and traditional sweets from this area. At the original stand in the shape of a boat, everybody could try some of the local specialities for free. An interesting idea!

Sweet corner 🙂 Photo: Full Feel Budva / Viber Public Chat
Sweet Corner. Photo: Full Feel Budva / Viber Public Chat

Budva was so alive during all three days of the Carnival. City streets, cafes, promenades were full of tourists as well as domestic people who enjoyed a lovely weekend. The Carnival has fulfilled the expectations of everyone – visitors and organizers. Budva was the center of the creative and comprehensive program with best parties for all. Everybody could find their own nook of a great time. Congrats to organizers for a successful organization of such an excellent event!

We are now ready for the summer! 🙂

Photo: Ivan Cucuk
Photo: Full Feel Budva / Viber Public Chat
Photo: Full Feel Budva / Viber Public Chat
Carnival mood 🙂
Smile and happiness 🙂
Abrum night Photo: Yesmanair #welovebudva


Palms Square
Dragoljub Djuricic & me 🙂
Photo: Full Feel Budva / Viber Public Chat
Performace: legend of Budva Photo: Full Feel Budva / Viber Public Chat
Kids Carnival Photo: Ivan Cucuk
Stop Police 🙂 Photo: #welovebudva
Superman 🙂 Photo: Tina Ticic
Photo: Ivan Cucuk
ladybugs 🙂 Photo: Ivan Cucuk

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