Magic of Christmas and New Year

When the calendar shows that 1st December is, the „madness“ called Christmas and New Year, officially starts. In big cities like New York, Paris, London, Vienna, and other, it starts much earlier, already in November, even at the and of October.

The tradition of New Year’s celebration is almost four thousand years old. The transition from the old to the new year celebrated Babylonians, Egyptians, Phoenicians and Persians, the ancient Greeks, Romans. In every culture tradition was different, but it was ceremoniously.

It is interesting that the month of January did not exist until 700 before Christ, when the second Roman king Numa Pompilius added the first two months of the calendar that exists today. The first day of January is celebrated since 153 before Christ.

In medieval Europe, New Year was not celebrated, because its labeling was considered pagan and anti-Christian phenomenon. Even if it was celebrated, celebration was not always on the first day of January, but on 25th December and 25th March.

The first of January and celebration of New Year in a big way return in 1582 by the Gregorian calendar, which are Catholic countries accepted almost immediately, and Protestant have done gradually.

Today, in a modern Era, whole world celebrate New Year by Gregorian Calendar. Christians also celebrate Christmas – birth of Jesus Christ, on 25th December (except Orthodox who do it by Julian calendar), so we get many festive days at the end of Year. In Montenegro, official religion is Orthodox, which means that Christmas is celebrated on 7th January, so you can guess how many festive days we have.

I notice that people have different opinions about Christmas and New Year holidays. Actually, it is not about holidays, it is about preparations for them. These days in modern Era became a real business industry, and I think this is the reason why some people are not so happy about New Year holidays. Some of them often say that today everything is commercialized. Yes, it’s true, but I see something good in that.

As a customer you have a possibilty to buy everything you need for holidays, often with a special discount. With money that you are planning to spend, you can choose what to buy and where to buy. At the other side, it is excellent way for companies to increase their incomes, but also to employ some extra workers where it is necessary. So, this time of the Year can be useful for all us, just if we want to. That is how I am looking on this „commercial“. 🙂

And if you ask me, I really enjoy these days. I use to call them MAGICAL DAYS.  Holiday’s shopping, decorations of city streets, New Year’s business cocktail parties, children’s events, humanitarian activities for adults and children, New Year’s and Christmas bazaars, annual awards and many other creative initiatives, awaken in us a feeling of joy, happiness, optimism. Like a highlight of all of these, it is the time we spend with our beloved ones, family and friends. And it is a priceless. It is a real magic.

I think all of us should observe New Year and Christmas holidays in this way. Not to expect it will change something big in our lifes, but can influence that we feel thankful for all we have, to feel good, full ourselfs with positive energy, and then continue to fight with life. Every single day.

I would like to felicitate to all my family, friends, colleagues and other dear people, (especially readers of my blog), Christmas (who celebrates) and New Year. Wish you to care about your health first of all, because healthy man can do everything, but sick can’t do anything. Think about it when you are getting worry and nervous about something. Try to be smiley and positive (it is not a phrase), to have right people around you, be hardworking and humane. Try to be the best version of yourself. And everything will be fine. Of course, if you choose it.

I hope that you decide with who and where you are going to spend the „craziest“ night. I will stay in my town, Budva, with family and friends. We are planning to go out and wait the New Year’s Eve at the open air. In front of Old town walls, Tourism Organisation of Budva is organizing a music concert of famous Balkan musicians.

At the midnight it is expected a spectacular fireworks. It will be full of tourists from all around. Good time and fun are guaranteed. Everyone of you is welcome! Happy Christmas and New Year 2016! Cheers!

P.s. Don’t forget to make a wish at midnight. Although I shouldn’t I will tell you which mine is. I wish to travel around the world next december and see as much as possible decorated city streets. I just adore New Year’s lights on the streets. See some of the most interesting which I found on istagram profiles of my friends. They are amazing!

Belgrade, Serbia


Belgrade, Serbia


Budva, Montenegro


Paris, France


Vienna, Austria


Kotor, Montenegro


Podgorica, Montenegro


London, United Kingdom


London, United Kingdom


Minsk, Belarus


Moscow, Russia


Moscow, Russia


New York, USA


New York, USA


Vienna, Austria


Zagreb, Croatia


Rome, Italy


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