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Just an „ordinary” day in Podgorica

The first Saturday after Belgrade’s trip (we arrived in Montenegro on Monday), I decided to go to Podgorica with my youngest sister Tamara and my friend Milica.

I haven’t been in Podgorica for a while, and I missed it. Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, is the city where I was living with Milica during our studies. Oh, that was really unforgettable period of our life. The period of growing, meeting different people, learning about life. Podgorica is the city where Tamara was studying, the city where my parents were studying and working. Almost whole family became academics in Podgorica, except my middle sister Jasna who graduated in Kotor. I have there a lot of friends, relatives as well as business contacts, so I usually see some of them during my visit. This time, because of Saturday, I didn’t call anyone, just wanted to enjoy sunny and beautiful day with Tamara and Milica.

First, we drunk a cup of tea in Elit cafe, recently opened lounge in the Capital Plaza – new commercial center in Podgorica. Elit Lounge is an interesting place for urban population, with modern enterior. It is also popular for the nightlife.

We met a lot of friends – of course,  one of them, our friend Jovica has joined us. I was so glad to see him, and hear what is happening new in his life. Also, we have mentioned some great times we spent together in Podgorica, Budva, Ada Bojana.

After Elite cafe, we said good bye to Jovica, and went to the „Republic of good food“ for a lunch.

We saw the pictures of this place on instagram, so decided to check the taste of food which was looking amazing on the pics. And we didn’t regret. Oh God, everything we tasted was so delicious, and for our surprise, prices were low, compared with other similar places in Podgorica, and Budva as well. They also offer many healthy shakes. I would recommend this place to everyone who want to eat tasty and no expensive food in interseting ambient.

In our way home, we went to shopping mall Delta city to check winter discounts. Everyone found some piece of wardrobe on discount, and as every woman we very satisfied. Driving home, I let the music play and thinking how happy and blessed we are. I am thankful for such „ordinary“ life moments, which are everything, but not ordinary. Why? Spending the day in this way produces in us the feeling of happiness, compliance, relaxation, positive thinking, willing for life, willing for all upcoming challenges. And that is priceless.

Try to have as much as you can of these moments in your life. Spend it with your family, friends, beloved ones. They don’t cost much, but means a lot. When we are full of love, joy and happiness, we can do everything!

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