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Hiking with pleasure from Cetinje to Rijeka Crnojevica

After more than a great trekking experience at Vranjina, my next tour was hiking from Cetinje to Rijeka Crnojevica. The same organizer – Montenegro Phototrekking, sunny and warm spring day, a hundred  people in a great mood. Just perfect conditions for one more amazing outdoor day.

Our guide Darko is giving us the last instructions before the movement 🙂

We started our planned tour at 670 meters above the sea level, while the completion was at 10 meters above it. Our guide Darko told us that we will combine a paved road which leads to Rijeka Crnojevica and shortcuts with old paths throw the forest. The starting point was the national Restaurant Belveder, 2 kilometers away from Cetinje.

The restaurant is a natural view point with an amazing view of the Skadar Lake and Rijeka Crnojevica.

Terrace of Restaurant Belveder

Belveder is also known as the favourite picnic spot of King Nikola and the Montenegrin royal family. It is surrounded by pine trees, with the terrace facing the Skadar Lake, where during the summer time you can enjoy in a pleasant shade, peace and quiet.

Terrace of Restauarnt Belveder

While we were walking, we discovered that actually the whole area is very quiet and pleasant. When you are walking, you have a better feeling of experiencing the environment.

This tour was relaxing. Although we were hiking for about 12 kilometers (with breaks of course ), there weren’t so many rocky terrains, so we were able to fully enjoy the beautiful green area with typical Montenegrin small villages. Most of them are very known for their wine, brandy and honey production.

Photo: Milos Cetkovic

The first big break was reserved for resting and refreshing, but also for other outdoor activites.

I chose to play frisbee. Just can’t remember the last time I played this game, but it was a long time ago, for sure. I can’t describe you how I was feeling. Like a child. Happy and full of beans!

Photo: Djordje Cmiljanic

After the break, on our way to Rijeka Crnojevica we visited the tomb of the famous Montenegrin painter, Miodrag Dado Djuric, who was one of the most prominent representatives of figurative art.

Tomb of Dado Djuric

He was living and working in Paris, where he died at the age of 77. At his own wish he was buried in this beautiful area between Cetinje and Rijeka Crnojevica. From the spot of his tomb, there is an amazing view of the Skadar Lake and Rijeka Crnojevica, just as befits a great artist. Rest in peace, Dado!

Photo: Djordje Cmiljanic

The strongest impression on most of us, made the venue called „Skakala“, near the „Obodska pecina“.

The path we took to reach this wonderful place, was carved into the forest along the river. The whole ambient reminded on some Amazonian forest with lush vegetation. Unbelievable experience indeed!

Photo: Momcilo Corsovic

We came across the walls of the former eletric power station, which was made by Italians at the beginning of the Second World War for their own needs and the needs of the Rijeka Crnojevica town. A marked trail leads through the plant containing the remains of the former turbine. We also found the sluice – a channel that was used for bringing water to the central office.

And finally we reached waterfalls named „Skakala“ where we made a break. I just can’t find the words to describe you this beauty. The fresh air, sound of water, birds chirping, people laughing, beautiful spring colours of nature, sunrays….Try to feel it from the pictures, or even better, come and experience this incredible ambient.

Skakala Photo: Momcilo Corsovic
Photo: Momcilo Corsovic

Photo: Milos Cetkovic

Full of impressions, we continued the way to our final destination – Rijeka Crnojevica. A little bit tired (after 6 hours of hiking), we could hardly wait to get to some nice restaurant in Rijeka Crnojevica and to complement the whole tour.

Rijeka Crnojevica is a town on the river with the same name with a very rich history. The beginning story of the town is related to the ruler of Zeta, Ivan Crnojevic, who raised the fortress and the monastery in the 15th century in order to avoid the Turkish army. He transferred his capital from fortress Zabljak, and the monastery became the seat of the Zeta Metropolitanate. During the 19th and early 20th century, Rijeka Crnojevica was the biggest Montenegrin port and leading trade center. Especially prized product of this area was dried bleak (dried fish) because of their uniqueness and exquisite taste.

Rijeka Crnojevica

Today in this town live just over 200 people. In the town are preserved remains of the historic buildings from the time of Ivan Crnojevic. The building, which is particularly attractive for tourists who visit Rijeka Crnojevica is „Danilov most“ (Danilo’s bridge). This bridge was built in the 19th century by prince Danilo who also built the house „Mostina“ near the bridge. Mostina is preserved even today and is turned into a nice restaurant.

Danilo’s Bridge

In the last decade, Rijeka Crnojevica experienced a refreshment. The main promenade is paved, a new lighting is made, water supply is solved, a significant number of traditional restaurants is opened, accommodation capacity is increased. Today, Rijeka Crnojevica is a very favourite and attractive touristic place, where you can enjoy in traditional cuisine and amazing natural ambient.

It is obvious, that at the end of our hiking tour, we experienced all the beauties of Rijeka Crnojevica. My choice for resting was Restaurant Mostina, where I tasted delicious fish and wine and enjoyed a great company every single minute. It was just a perfect day.

Smoked carp and red wine. Specialty of Restaurant Mostina.

Cheers for LIFE!

So, what to say at the end of this post – I am falling in love with these trekking tours. The reasons are multiple: good energy, great people, new knowledge and amazing natural beauty of my country being discovered this way. After every tour I feel myself full of good vibes, and I honestly recommend it to all of my friends and other people who love outdoor activities.

Photo: Montenegro Phototrekking
Photo: Stevan Zugic Hiking ladies 🙂
Smiles say everything 🙂
Spring mood at Rijeka Crnojevica

Endemic sort “Fritillaria gracilis”

Photo: Momcilo Corsovic
Danilo’s Bridge Photo: Momcilo Corsovic


Sisters – Rijeka Crnojevica

Photo: Momcilo Corsovic
Smileeeee from Danilo’s Bridge 🙂 Photo: Stevan Zugic










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