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Amazing beauty between mountains and the sea – that’s my Montenegro

Even I have lived in my country for whole my life and even it is a small country, there are still many beautiful places where I haven’t been yet. I love to spend weekends at some nice nature places in Montenegro, as well as abroad. Last weekend my friends took me to an amazing spot above Kotor – the city which Lonely Planet, one of the most popular world’s tourist guide, declared as top one city to visit in 2016. (http://www.lonelyplanet.com/best-in-travel/cities/1)

The place where we were, has no defined name, but it belongs to the National Park Lovcen.

Up to this point is reached when you go to the old road towards Kotor, over Trojica, and then continue the path that leads towards Njegusi.

As you can see on the picture below, this is the spot where you should turn right, and drive about 20 minutes.

I am a passionate nature lover, so I enjoyed the drivng and looking around through the car window. The road was narrow, but fortunately there weren’t so much cars , and we qucikly reached our target spot.


Oh, God, it was a really stunning place, from where you can see Kotor and Tivat Bay, both at the same time. Look at that view! Breathtaking indeed, isn’t it?! That’s my Montenegro, amazing beauty between mountains and the sea.

It was cold a little bit, because the temperature was lower than in the town, so we came from 14 to 4 degrees. But, when you are surrounded with amazing nature, you forget everything. You just need to get relaxed and enjoy the beauty. Enjoy the silence. Enjoy the moment. Enjoy the life and be grateful.

Thinking how blessed I am.

And of course, you should try to get as much as you can beautiful pictures and video shots, as I did! 🙂 Enjoy watching them, and if you are a truly nature lover, visit this hidden place! If you have any questions how to come there, please write me on: info@jelenakaludjerovic.com.

There will be many more places like this in my next posts, so stay tunned. 🙂

View on Njegos mausoleum

Tivat and Kotor Bay at night

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